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Carbon Offset

Flying is bad for environment. Air travel is one of the fastest growing causes of global warming. Although it is possible to travel to Turkey overland, the majority of travellers choose to fly. In order to compensate for the damaging effect of aircraft on the atmosphere we work with Climate Care who works on projects to “carbon neutralise” your flights. We also encourage travellers to donate at the time of booking.

There are some of the reasons flying might be justified:

If you are making a major financial contribution to environmental projects in the destination.

If you are using local transport, use local facilities, stay in local hotels and share your money with people who are in need.

If your visit is significantly improving the living standards of local people.

If you have saved up carbon offsets by modifying your behaviour at home.

How to reduce your CO2 emissions?

EcoTurkey welcomes the UK Government’s initiative to establish a quality assurance scheme for carbon offsetting. The Quality Assurance Scheme (previously known as DEFRA’s Code of Best Practice for Carbon Offsetting) was launched in February 2009. At EcoTurkey, our belief is that climate change will only be addressed if each and every one of us takes responsible steps to REDUCE our CO2 emissions as much as possible and offset the remaining unavoidable emissions.

EcoTurkey supports Climate Care, who takes a small payment based on predicted CO2 emissions from your flight. Climate Care works with several partners, among them universities and charities, to fund with your money projects in sustainable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation in Africa and all over the World. We recognise that this is a personal choice for each traveller.

Our policy is NOT to impose a requirement on our customers to offset their flights in any prescribed way. We will present you with details of Climate Care when you book with us, but your offsetting choice is yours to make. The idea of carbon offsetting is a logical and simple. To learn how you can enjoy your holiday with a clear conscience, knowing you are not adding anything to the greenhouse effect check Climate Care.

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