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Airport Parking

Airport Parking and Hotels offers travellers tips for a greener getaway

Long stay airport parking specialist, APH has added tips for a more environmentally friendly holiday to its website  The company already operates a number of green initiatives and is encouraging its customers to do something, however small to reduce their carbon footprint when travelling.

Pick an environmentally friendly airline – Look into which airline you book your holiday with. Some airlines recycle cans and newspapers onboard such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and easyjet whilst Silverjet carbon offset all flights.

Turn off Power – When going on holiday make sure you turn off your television and other electrical appliances rather than leave them on stand by. It has been well publicised that UK citizens waste around two power stations’ worth of electricity each year by leaving TV sets and other gadgets on standby or on charge.

Book APH airport parking rather than rely on “Kiss and Fly”- By booking airport parking and driving to the airport, rather than relying on being dropped off travellers can cut the number of road journeys made. (Kiss and Fly is when someone is dropped off at the airport and then picked up on their return meaning double the number of trips).

Share magazines and newspapers – If you are in a large group then share magazines and newspapers rather than duplicate. Also make sure you take them from the plane and recycle them yourself when you leave as not all airlines have recycling policies.

Say no to complimentary newspapers – Some hotels deliver a complimentary newspaper to your door, if you do not require this then say so when you check in to avoid wastage and the paper being thrown away.

Use hotel towels as you would at home – many hotels already encourage guests to re-use towels rather than get replacements every day of your stay. Every little helps.

Recommend a friend to APH and save five rainforest trees – For every friend you recommend to APH the company will donate £1 to the World Land Trust. The £1 will purchase and save at least five large trees in various parts of the world including a rainforest conservation project in Ecuador.

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