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Antalya Eco Holiday

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7 nights

Our village is an ecotourism project situated only just over an hour’s drive from the sparkling Mediterranean and Antalya’s international airport. The project, based in Begis Susuzu Village near Korkuteli, has utilised existing village homes and turned them into holiday cottages with a difference.

The project combines the chance to rent a holiday home in an unspoiled rural location, yet also to benefit from excellent on-site facilities, while at the same time contributing to the larger vision of the Pure Life project which supports reverse migration and is striving to bring a village back to life.


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Full Description

The People

The local people are nomad Turkic tribes who, after years of a wandering existence, settled to practice animal husbandry in villages like Begis Susuzu. Even after settling, villagers continued to be seasonal nomads, following water supplies to highland meadows in the summer. There are a handful of remaining villagers continuing to live in this semi-nomadic way. Most families, however, started to drift away from the village and the tough lifestyle, and to find work in nearby resorts. Thanks to Eco Turkey, families are returning, and income from tourism is also being utilized to support the few remaining semi-nomadic families, allowing them to more comfortably continue an age-old life choice.


The story of Begis Susuzu is inexorably linked to water. As village is without water, locals have always collected rainwater and snowmelt to supply their water needs. At the same time, most villagers dug wells. Despite the great age of the village’s existing wells, almost 100 years old, they still continue to supply water for village residents. However, the lack of water in the area has been a perennial problem. It is, of course, the reason for the villagers’ semi-nomadic existence, and ultimately the reason for the village’s depopulation.

With the implementation of the Pure Life Village project, the Turkish government has finally brought drinking water into the village, while existing wells continue to be used for irrigation.

Why Begis Susuzu?


Our eco village is founded on sustainable principles. It aims to promote an organic life, encourage the slow food ethic, and support local communities.

The project involves local people in every stage of the process from home restoration to the daily running of the holiday cottages. Locals work as carpenters, stonemasons, chefs, waiters, and suppliers via their own cottage garden industries.

Pure Life encourages reverse migration back to the village of Begis Susuzu, and runs training programs for interested villagers as well as providing employment. Ecologically sound practices permeate the project, from the raw materials that have been sourced for the cottage renovations, to waste disposal. Cottage gardens have been cultivated anew, and the expert help of garden designers and botanists has been used to maximise efficiency as well as to encourage the cultivation of native herbs and other plants.

Traditional Anatolia an hour from the sea

One of the aims of the Pure Life team has been to bring the depopulated village of Begis Susuzu back to life, and by doing so halt the demise of the local culture.

Our eco friendly village values and promotes the traditional life of the region. This can be seen in the holiday cottages themselves, the building techniques used, handicrafts, cuisine, and the cultivation of endemic herbs and other culinary plants. Wine making has always been practiced in the area, and Pure Life supports local vineries, as well as having a well-stocked wine cellar in the village.

Most importantly, the financial support that the project offers allows those villagers still choosing a semi-nomadic life style to continue to do so. Guests are invited to join seasonal nomads in their tents, and be part of an ancient life-style. All of this is just an hour’s drive from the coast and the international airport of Antalya.

The Homes

The 5 homes have been renovated without using any modern technology. Buildings faithfully follow existing local architecture techniques, with stone-mud construction, interspersed with the use of timber, cut only by hand with an axe.

All cottages would have originally consisted of a downstairs byre, with two rooms for dwelling on the upper floor. Following a sympathetic restoration project, using only local workmen and materials, stables have become kitchens and sitting rooms. Upstairs, the houses boast two bedrooms, a bathroom with shower, and a balcony. One of the homes has even become a honeymoon cottage! Guests can prepare simple meals for themselves, or use the on-site restaurant.


The cottages themselves have been modelled by hand using only stonemason’s tools and hand axes. Cottages feature local handicrafts in the form of pillows, cushions, bed covers, and curtains. All of the soft furnishings have been made on-site by local women, using traditional patterns and designs. Hand-made soaps feature in the bathrooms.

Of course, no cottage would be complete without traditional flat-weave Turkish kilims thrown randomly on the floor. The beautiful Turkey red of the hand-woven masterpieces compliments the rich hue of the axe-hewn timber which features heavily in the cottages.

The Outdoor Life!

Hike or bike in the beautiful unspoiled countryside around Begis Susuzu. Walk through an unchanging landscape, marvel at the sheer variety of wild flowers in the spring, or simply watch farmers tending fields and goat herders walking their flocks.

Cycle hire is available on-site, and leisurely tours by donkey can also be enjoyed.

Learn something new

Try your hand at bread or yoghurt making. Learn to cook up a local dish, and see how the products of the cottage gardens are used. Improve your knowledge of culinary plants on a herb gathering session in the fields around Begis Susuzu. Explore the secrets of the renowned homemade wine of Begis Susuzu on a wine makers’ course. Learn basic carpentry skills, and make a pencil box to take home.

All of the activities must be pre-booked in Begis Susuzu. Some activities are seasonal.

Wine, dine, relax….

Try out the wines from the extensively stocked Pure Life wine cellar. Enjoy a candle-lit dinner in the slow food themed restaurant. Take a dip in the on-site pool. Lounge and soak up the sun.After a full day of activities, what better way to wind down?

Pure Life also has an excellent library of English and German language books available for guests to borrow free of charge.


Our restaurant and wine cellar open their doors to offer the very best in local produce, with meals cooked in time honoured ways, and served in comfortable surroundings. Of course, all food is grown locally, villagers are employed in the restaurant, and the menu offered contains many regional specialities.


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Please Note

Price based on Bed and Breakfast for Half board basis its £295.00.

Use Begis Susuzu and your cottage at village as a base for exploring the area. Visit Roman mountain strongholds, marvel at Pamukkale’s snow-white travertines, explore a local winery with a guided tour and wine tasting, or take the hour-long drive to the Mediterranean for sea, shopping, and culture in Antalya’s old town. Pure Life also offers tours to those looking to spend a day with a difference. Share a glass of tea with seasonal nomads in their tents dotting the mountain meadows above Begis Susuzu, get in the saddle and take a half day donkey ride along Pure Life’s exclusive trails, or marvel at the Karain Caves which were inhabited an astounding 200,000 years ago.

All tours are conducted in line with Pure Life responsible principles: wherever possible benefits go to the local community and only local drivers are employed. All of the tours are suitable for self-guiding. Official state-registered guides can be hired if required.

Where, what, and how much?

All prices are p.p. in Euros. Minimum numbers or supplements apply to the tours, please ask for details.

  • Termessos: per group of 1-4 people: £78
  • Pamukkale: per group of 1-4 people: £173
  • Antalya old town: per group of 1-4 people £112
  • Vinyard and Winery: per group of 1-4 people: £78
  • Mountain meadows and nomads: per group of 1-4 people: £78
  • Karain Caves: per group of 1-4 people: £78
  • Donkey tour: £13 p.p.
  • Cycle Hire: £6 p.p. per day; £4 p.p. per half day

By Air

Begis Susuzu and the Village are located just over an hour from Antalya Airport. Transfers can be arranged prior to arrival. Airport to village transfers cost £1212 per vehicle carrying 1-4 people. For a larger group of up to 10, the cost is £138 per vehicle. Please contact us email link to arrange a transfer.

By public transport

From Antalya: From the Antalya bus station, there are local minibuses to Korkuteli on the hour every hour from 08.00 to 22.00. Alighting in Korkuteli, a taxi to the village costs £9-£11.

From Pamukkale: From Denizli bus station, there are frequent local minibuses, on the hour, every hour. From Korkuteli bus station it is possible to hire a taxi to Pure Life for £9-£11.

From Fethiye: From Fethiye local minibuses leave frequently for Korkuteli. On arrival at Korkuteli bus station, a taxi can be hired as far as Pure Life for £9-£11From Egirdir: From Egirdir bus station, take an intercity bus to Antalya. Follow directions above from Antalya onwards.

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