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Travel Tips for Turkey

It’s always the small things that make the big difference. Nowadays more and more people trying to travel with care for the environment and the places they visit, but many do not know how to to travel responsibly, without spoiling your holiday mood. And more businesses want to join the responsible travel community in Turkey. To help both the traveller and businesses, Eco Turkey Travel, support responsible holidays in Turkey and encourages travellers and businesses to be part of Turkey’s responsible traveller community. If everyone can follow these travel tips, our actions will add up to change in the world.

Here are some tips for responsible travellers who wants to explore Turkey responsibly

  • Book your holiday through responsible travel organisations.
  • If travelling independentl, try to minimise your personal enviromental impact
  • If you are travelling on a group tour, select operators and hotels that have and abide by responsible tourism policy and adresses enviromental and cultural issues, as well as making a financial contribution to community or enviromental projects.
  • Try to avoid destinations that already overcrowded, or travel in the off season.
  • Try locally own hotels and services, eating a locally owned restaurants and use public transport where possible. It means your money directly benefits the local, and you will generally have a far more enriching experience.
  • Do unto others: Treat local people with respect. You will be treated likewise. Respect differences between cultures. Abide by the laws and regulations of the country you are in. Particularly, regarding natural resources like parks and waterways.
  • Do not be tempted to buy souvenirs made from wild animal products, including skins, ivory, or bone. Not only is it illegal to import or export such items, in most cases you are also likely to be supporting, porching practises that have had devastating inpact on animal populiation. Similar princibles apply to wooden products.
  • Be aware of suggested or legal approach distances and other recommandations for observing wild life.
  • Make environmentally friendly transport choices – use public transport wherever possible. Compensate your CO2.
  • Conserve water and electricity.
  • Limit your trash and use recycled/recyclable products

For Businesses

  • Avoid waste: conserve water, energy and paper.
  • Work with responsible organizations.
  • Hire local people for your business.
  • Use local products and services for your business.
  • Create and implement a written charter mandating respect for the environment and the local community.
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