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Tuesday, 5 Nov, 2013

A natural wonder waiting to be discovered in East Anatolia.

Here is the story of the name of Bingol according to Evliya Celebi: Alexander the Great suffer from   unbearable body pain, but couldn’t find any cure from any doctor. Then he started to looking for the Ab-Ul Hayat (water  of eternal life). After  long time searches, he drank the water and got rid of his pain. That water found in ‘Mingol, lakes region’. Mingol started to called as Bingol in time.

Bingol  is not a popular tourism cnter of Turkey. However it is one of the most sparkling city of east Anatolia with its natural wonders. For instance, watching the sunrise in Bingol is an unique experience that you can’t  have anywhere else. If you want to witness that natural event of mysterious universe, you don’t need to any other reason to visit Bingol. Nevertheless, let me say, you will have other reasons to visit Bingol like ‘Floating Island’. It is an island with natural talent that we are telling about . Free-floating and moving island in the middle of the lake a rafts. As the name implies…

Land Worth For Excavating

Bingol has an favorable   history for archaelogical excavations. Who knows which civilizations remains can be found if excavate is done in these valuable lands. In despite of this characteristic land is pristine. The reason of these situation might be negligence or the political conditions.. people suffer from terrorist events in Bingol. These problems are disincentive for archeologists . Hope that excavation will be done and history can reval! However, Bingol  is being a settlement of different civilizations and tribes in the course of history. Dara-Hini, Kigi Castle, Cir Falls and ski house are the major touristic place of Bingol.

Rich Road Network of Urartu

It is a city with 2.800 years old highway that we will mention about, no jokes. Rich oak forests, dense thermal  springs and a terrific stories. Of Beritan tribe are extras. In the other  hand , it looks like the same  negligence situation  about archaelogical  excavations happened accommodation and transportation facilities. It is an obvious vicious circle. When accommodation and transportation  facilities are not developed, it prevents historical research like archaeological excavation which can reval  remains and they will make a huge contribute to cultural tourism. Ironically, rich road network of urartu is passing through from Bingol but it’s not emerged yet.

Caves With 26 Rooms

Bingol has continental climate and ski season begins in December. Hunting season going in following months, petridge,rabbit,woodcock,fox,hazel grouse and quail are hunted on September, October and December . We mention about Bingol’s castle but caves must not be forgotten . One of them is the cave which has obvious history and man-made structure, is located in foothill of Sivri Mountain in Cicektepe  village in Kigi. The cave contain two rooms , barn, manger  and a crib. The land where the cave is, quite sloping . The cave proves  that people have dwelled in Kigi since ancient times, Zag  Cave is located in a cliff near Murat River,  between Gokceli and Yenidal villages. The cave was built with 3 floors. There is an 26 rooms in every floor .The connections between rooms are provided by doors. There are wells which are assumed used for grain bin on the first floor, living rooms at the ground floor , 2 harem rooms at the top floor. Even through the cave has damaged in time , still has an 17 steady rooms. The caves near  to Kalkanli village in Karliova.There are some remains of stone age and bronze age . You can also see carving and engraving on walls.

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